Meet Marilou

Marilou Miller, Marketing Coordinator


Marilou Miller_low res for webMarilou is responsible for all aspects of the Dave Roach Team’s marketing.  She manages the team’s websites and social media pages, co-ordinates events, and executes marketing programs for homes.  Marilou also assists Dave with the research and preparation of the pre-sale activity for homes being listed for sale.

Marilou is originally from the Philippines where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Accountancy and then completed her Masters of Business Administration.  She moved to Canada in 2000 and worked for a Cambridge high-tech company for 11 years.  After a brief hiatus at home for family reasons, Marilou re-entered the work force in 2014 and started working at The Dave Roach Team.  Outside of work, Marilou enjoys knitting, crocheting, going to the movies with her husband Daniel, and playing with her Siamese cat Chloe.

Getting to Know Marilou


What kind of food do you like? I’m very adventurous when it comes to food.  My favourites are Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.  I would eat everything on a mezze plate!
Do you collect anything? Yarn!  I do keep a sizeable stash at home, and it doesn’t help that I live two minutes away from Michaels and a short drive from the factory in Listowel.  Recently I have donated my finished projects to charity so I’m looking forward to making some more and getting that stash down to a manageable level.
What is on your bucket list? Too many to mention, but in the time of COVID-19, anywhere would do!
Beach or mountains? I’m not a beach person even though I grew up in the Philippines.  I prefer to hike in mountains (or hills).
What’s your ideal vacation? A combination of sightseeing, shopping, eating, and doing nothing!
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