The fall season can be the busiest time for home renovations, so it’s often difficult to find an available and reputable contractor or tradesperson.  However, homeowners should not compromise on the choice of the right person or crew to get the job done properly.  When considering your project, determine what portions of the job require a contractor, a certified tradesperson or a handyperson.  For example, an uncertified worker may be an ideal choice for basic construction and repairs in terms of availability, skill and cost.  However, if your project involves structural, plumbing, electrical and/or HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) work, you should probably defer to the expertise of skilled trade workers or a general contractor, even if they are scarcely available.  They are likely the best way to be assured of the quality of the work and that it adheres to local building codes.  Regardless of your choice, it’s always wise to make sure that the help you hire is fully insured for liability, and checks out with an industry or business association such as the Better Business Bureau.  As well, all work should be guaranteed in writing, with penalties for unsatisfactory outcomes.

If you have difficulty finding a contractor or tradesperson, the Dave Roach Team can recommend a few that we or our clients have used.  Just give us a call at 519-772-4140 or better yet, subscribe to our free HomeKeepr app, where we share our favorite local businesses as well as maintenance tips customized for your home.  To sign up,  go to

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