Who We Are

Figuring out who we are (and who we are not) is important in giving our real estate business a purposeful direction.   Our brand, our marketing strategies, prospecting methods, and every decision we make originate from our business mission.  We feel strongly about staying true to our mission and implementing our vision for the future based on our core values.

Our Value Proposition

Dave Roach Realty provides our clients with exceptional service levels throughout their real estate transaction and beyond.  We combine a team of professionals that bring relevant knowledge, collaboration, professionalism, and support to every client transaction and making every experience memorable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional real estate services to our community with integrity while continuously improving all aspects of our added value, serving all customers, clients, service providers and peers with the utmost respect.

Our Vision

We are a highly referred real estate team known widely for providing exceptional service with integrity and respect to all who come in contact with us.

Our Values

We value teamwork and interdisciplinary cooperation as a path to insight and excellence in our work.  Our company’s team of committed professionals embrace the following core values: God, Family, then Business with Integrity.

Our Beliefs

  1. Teamwork – To value each other as individuals, family, and partners
  2. Exceeding Expectations – Never stop improving
  3. Unity – Always respecting and encouraging each other
  4. Self-Mastery – Always learning and gaining knowledge
  5. Purposeful – Focusing on successful missions
  6. Big Why – Knowing why we are doing what we are doing

Our Perspective

A business that raises the bar and sets an example.  A team that shows leadership and excellence in our brokerage and beyond, amazing all who come in contact with us.

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